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    Links for olim services

    The Jewish Agency for Israel – JAFI – (Hasochnut Hayehudit)

    Haifa Municipal

    The Israel Ministry of Immigrant Absorption – (Misrad Haklita)

    The Ministry of Education – (Misrad Hahinuch)

    Haifa for Olim (http://www.haifa-israel.info)

    Nefesh B’Nefesh

    Association of Americans and Canadians in Israel – AACI

    South African Zionist Federation

    Zionist Federation of Australia

    On-line Resources for Anglo-Olim

    The following are resources in English for Olim in Haifa. It includes e-mail groups, web sites and people. We recommend that you sign up for the lists, surf the sites and contact the relevant people. It will help you in your networking and in making you feel part of the community.


    Haifa-Israel.info is Maintained by the volunteer Dory Cwikel and has lots of info about Haifa and lists many activities going on around the city.

    Anglo-list is run by Suzanne Sukerman and has info about service providers, translated bills, religious life, general aliyah info, etc.

    E-Mail lists:

    The following two lists are general Anglo and Haifa specific lists. People advertise, buy, sell, look for things, seek advice, etc. Getting the e-mails from them provides you with lots of info on what is going on in Haifa relating to the Anglo community.

    hanglo@yahoogroups.com  – send them a message asking to subscribe.

    haifalist-subscribe@yahoogroups.com  – just send a message to this address

    Haifa young English Speaker list – the group has a social pub night every month and other activities. Send e-mail to haifaenglishspeakers-owner@yahoogroups.com

    People who can be helpful:

    Yanina Musnikow, Coordinator AACI, (Association of American and Canadians in Israel) Northern Region

    ymusnikow@aaci.org.il , http://www.aaci.org.il/

    Yanina comes to Haifa twice a month but it is easier to contact her by e-mail or at her Tel – Aviv office at 03-696-0389 (leave a message if she is not there).

    When in Haifa she is at 131. Hameginim Blvd., Phone: 04-851-0351/2

    Achuza Orthodox Community Center, Haifa – Modern Orthodox community in Ahuza


    Rabbi Dubi Hayun

    Rabbi of Congregation Moria the Masorty/Conservative Synagogue.



    Leah Shavit President, leah2203@walla.com , 04-837-5929

    Helen Levy, helen.levy@yahoo.com , 04-825-4057

    Lee Freeman, leefree@netvision.net.il  04-811-0344

    Or Hadash – Reform Synagogue http://www.or-hadash-haifa.org/

    55 Hantke St, Tel: 972-4-8343905/6, E-mail: com1@or-hadash.org.il

    Ohel Avraham – Leo Beck Reform community – Karen Dor Yosef – karend@leaobeack.org.il 04-8300587


    Asya Chairsky – The Jewish Agency Employment Coordinator. Helps with CV, Israeli job market, job retraining, etc. 04-856-7649, asyac@jafi.org , 131 Hameginim Blvd.

    Nefesh B’Nefesh – Employment Coordinator. Helps with CV, Israeli job market, job retraining, etc nurit@nbn.org.il

    Translation Services:

    We are happy to inform you that we (the Jewish Agency) have reached an agreement with the translation company, Hever Translations, regarding the translation of certificates and documents for new Olim.

    According to the agreement, “Hever Translations” will provide translations of certificates and documents at a special, uniform price for new Olim.

    The proposed translation prices will be subsidized and significantly lower than the costs to be done elsewhere.

    ₪80 for a translated certificate (until 250 words in one translation)

    ₪90 for a translated document in specific languages (Asian/African)

    All the translations shall be returned with the company’s signature that proves with an Israeli standard seal that the translation is correct.

    The common goal is to provide every new immigrant with a quality translation service at an excellent and subsidized price.

    For this purpose, detailed information about the service is available in French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and English (see attached documents)

    For those interested in receiving the translation service, please contact:

    David Engel

    Project Manager

    Translations Division 

    03-5190 752




    Do you have a question?

    Leave us details and we will help you!