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    Transportation – take your pick

    Haifa is a hub for public transportation from the center of the country (the Tel Aviv area) to the entire north.

    Buses and trains: There are very frequent Egged bus and Israel Railways connections to almost anywhere in the country from both Haifa central bus stations: the Carmel Beach Central Bus Station (Merkazit Hof Hacarmel) at the southern entrance to Haifa and the Haifa Bay Central Bus Station (Merkazit Lev Hamifratz) at the other end of the city. Both have connected train stations.

    The Israel Railways has two additional stops in Haifa – Bat Galim and the Hashmona Central station at the beginning of the main lower town street- Haaztmaut Road. Average time to Tel Aviv by bus or train is 55 minutes. The trip from Haifa to Jerusalem is one hour and 50 minutes by bus. As there is no direct train connection to Jerusalem, the trip takes almost three hours by train.

    If you are heading to the airport, make sure to check the website (https://www.rail.co.il/en/pages/updates.aspx) at least a week in advance, as the stations tend to close often for repairs or renovations (usually there are shuttles in the case of a station being closed for renovations)

    Car traffic in Haifa is as congested as in most big cities but a new major system of tunnels The Carmel Tunnels under the Carmel Mountain, diverting thru-traffic to underground tunnels, has done much to alleviate congestion.

    The Haifa Port is one of the two main ports in the country and much of Israel’s import and export business utilizes the port’s shipping facilities.

    The Haifa Airport is used mainly for domestic and private flights and has some charter flights to nearby locations such as Cyprus and Rhodes departing from there. The airport is also used by flight schools and Haifa flight-tour companies.


    The first and largest car-sharing company in Israel is offering residents of Haifa their car-sharing services in the city for short distances, and only have to pay for the minutes used. Gasoline, insurance, and parking are all included! For new members, the first 60 days membership is free!

    *Please note that you must have a full Israeli driver’s license (must not say “nahag chadash”) to be able to use these services

    Useful Apps for Transportation

    moovit – trains and bus app

    Waze – Community-based GPS and Navigation

    Gettaxi – Taxi Service

    Pango – Pay and Go App

    Israel Railways

    Do you have a question?

    Leave us details and we will help you!