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    Special and Gifted Education

    The special education framework provides the child with special needs with a physical and educational environment which makes it possible for the child to spend many hours there, to function normatively and easily and to be challenged in a manner appropriate to the child’s needs and potential. The process is geared to be an optimal, quick assimilation into the general community.

    For gifted students the municipality sponsors several enrichment programs as well as special classes from grade 4 to 12 with an enhanced curriculum. There are also afternoon enrichment centers for exceptionally bright and talented youngsters as well as the following special frameworks:

    1. Chug Gordon – one-day-a-week enrichment program at the Gordon College of Education for gifted children grades 4-6

    2. Education for Excellence program at Haifa University for grades 7-9

    3. The Etgar computer science program at Haifa University, for grades 10-12 incorporating a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science

    4. The Science Excellence Program in Municipal (Ironi) High Schools Aleph, Gimel and Hay, Hugim H.S., Alliance and Qiryat Hayyim H.S.

    5. Pre-“Yuvalim” Enrichment Program for 6th graders at the Ironi Aleph and Hay H.S.

    6. Preparatory courses for the matriculation exams – held at the pre-academic unit at Haifa University

    7. Program for mathematically-gifted youth held at Haifa University’s Faculty of Mathematics for 8-12th graders.

    8. The Youth Science Excellence Program at the Technion for high school students

    9. The Communications/Information program at Alliance High School

    10. The Technion preparatory class at Ironi Hay High School

    Do you have a question?

    Leave us details and we will help you!